The name of the association shall be “Irish Orthopaedic Trainees’ Association
Registered Irish name of the association shall be “Cumann Oiliúnaithe Ortaipéideacha na hÉireann



To promote and improve the standards of orthopaedic training in the Republic of Ireland and to represent the interests of Trainees in Orthopaedic Surgery in the Republic of Ireland.



Full membership is open to those who are, at the time of application, a registered medical practitioner in the Republic of Ireland and has a genuine interest in Trauma and Orthopaedics as a career. Membership is encouraged, but not compulsory, for those who have gained entry to the Higher Surgical Training pathway in Trauma and Orthopaedics and are entered the Trainee Specialist Division with the Irish Medical Council.
Further applications may be considered at the discretion of the executive committee.


There shall be an Annual General Meeting – this will be normally held in June of each year during the Irish Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting. In the years in which a Pan-Celtic Meeting takes place an alternative location, and timing, will be determined by the committee after consultation with the membership group.
Business Meetings, attended by the President, Treasurer and Secretary may be held on other occasions decided by the Executive Committee. All three members of the Executive Committee are required to form a quorum at


Executive committee

The Officers of the Committee shall be Members of the Association. There should be a President, an Honorary Treasurer and an Honorary Secretary. The President must have successfully completed the FRCS examination prior to nomination. Prior service in the Executive Committee is not a pre-requisite for Presidency.

Two members of the Association shall sponsor candidates for election as Committee members. The candidate and the proposer will have the opportunity to speak briefly prior to the election. The Committee members shall be elected annually by a majority vote, performed electronically, preceding the Annual General Meeting. Terms of Office shall start on the day of the Annual General Meeting. Committee posts may be held for more than one year providing the Committee member maintains registration with the Irish Medical Council, continues to progress satisfactorily through training and holds the confidence of the membership group.

The President shall preside at Executive Committee meetings. If the President ceases to hold office during the term the Committee shall appoint a deputy. The proceedings of Executive Committee meetings shall be minuted by the Honorary Secretary (or a deputy).

The Executive Committee shall have the power to request the resignation of any member deemed by them to have been guilty of conduct contrary to the interests of the Association. Any member whose resignation is requested by the committee shall be suspended until the next business meeting when they shall have the right to appeal and enter a defense. The committee shall state the reasons for suspension and the majority vote of the members at that business meeting shall be final. The Executive Committee shall have the power to amend the composition of the Committee. Amendments shall be notified at the Annual General Meeting and the majority vote of the members at that meeting shall be final. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt anyone who may assist in their work to attend or represent the Committee. Co-opted members of the Executive shall not have voting rights.

A newly elected committee shall have the right, at their discretion, to ask the outgoing President to remain on the Executive Committee for a further one year in the post of ‘Past President’, to offer support and advice to the new committee.

Year-in-Training Representatives

Each Year-in-Training in Orthopaedic Surgery is entitled to elect a representative who acts as a link between the IOTA membership and the Executive.

The full updated IOTA constitution can be found here.