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Session 1 (Spine): 

David Dalton, Is current cervical spine imaging adequate in trauma patients in Irish Hospitals? Galway University Hospitals, Senior author Prof McCabe


Session 2 (Arthroplasty & Upper Limb): 

Rosie McColgan, Do randomised-controlled trials performed in the UK change clinical practice in Ireland? Galway University Hospitals, senior author Mr O'Sullivan. 

Session 3 (Oncology & Trauma): 

Conor Keady, A five year review of the outcomes of talar osteochondral lesions treated with matrix associated stem cell transplantation. Galway University Hospitals, senior author Mr Kearns. 

Session 4 (Fractured Neck of Femur): 

Michelle Horan, Impact of anticoagulation on time to surgery and transfusion rates in hip fracture patients. St Vincent's University Hospital, senior author Mr Hurson.


Overall winner - Conor Keady who received a further prize.